This two-to-three day high impact workshop is designed to dramatically change the way growth and innovation are addressed in organisation to enhance effectiveness and develop a collaborative mindset. The emphasis is on the unique challenges and opportunities of the organisation, and the business success that they are driven to achieve.

The session follows the fundamental concepts of Appreciative Inquiry. This method has been used internationally in large scale and small scale events and interventions. It is used in nearly every conceivable industry because the principles apply to all types of teams and challenges. Participants in the van Horn Consulting Appreciative Inquiry events on growth and innovation will develop a positive and well-designed approach to innovation in challenging business settings.


  • Your organisation aligned around growth and innovation principles.
  • Specific, actionable plans.
  • Greater understanding about how to work together to grow, innovate and achieve results.
  • A collective understanding of the direct relationship between innovation, growth and business success.

How It Works

First, the group will explore and share their own experiences with successful growth and innovation in the past. Through facilitated dialogue, participants will develop growth and innovation principles that make sense for their own unique team.

Then the team will work together to articulate the way they will agree to approach growth and innovation in their organisation. The facilitator helps drive the team forward to create a vision based on their agreed principles and supported by actionable language. The final vision for growth and innovation success will be in the form of achievable targets, with a realistic and positive statement of intent.

In the next phase of the workshop, participants will work together to bring the vision to life through designing action plans for the short and medium term. These action plans will involve the participants themselves, the people they work with, and potentially the rest of the organisation and its partners. The exact framework for the plans varies from team to team, and can range from broad plans encompassing years of achievement, to more immediately focused plans for the next month’s pressing business challenges.

The fourth and final part of the process is about simply taking decisions on implementation. This final phase takes the form of a short and efficient discussion in the session, and then comes to life after the workshop as the team brings the innovation spirit and plans alive in their organisation. Roles and Responsibilities often form part of this conversation.