The Streamline Process is one of our Flagship services, delivering reduced costs, higher revenues and more profit for your business.


  • Increased revenues delivered through aligned teams.
  • Costs reduced through collaborative efforts.
  • Team spirit and cross-functional alignment improved.

How It Works

The streamline process is a facilitated organisational efficiency programme customized for your unique business needs and based on proven methods such as the GE WorkOut. Van Horn Consulting takes the time and effort to ensure that it is applied in a way that suits your organisational efficiency challenges.

In the first phase of the process, our consultants first work with your executive committee to identify core business results desired by leadership. We then explore your organisational reality through focus groups and interviews with staff to discover how things are really getting accomplished (or not!) on the ground. Finally we facilitate a discussion with your leadership to align core business objectives with the way things are actually working, and ultimately build a series of business challenges, focused on cost-cutting and increased revenues, for further development.

In the second phase of the process, your executive committee identifies staff throughout the organisation to work on the business challenges in small cross-functional teams. Typically three to four teams will then be taken through a three-day problem solving exercise, and given a limited time to solve the business challenges.

By the end of the timeline, successful teams will have achieved the business objectives and solved operational inefficiencies as well. The added benefit to the Streamline Process is that when it is implemented consistently over time you build a cross-functional mentality in your business, break silos, and foster effective team spirit.

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