A facilitated exploration of your industry or organisational focus area for an extended period of time into the future. This is a high level decision-making tool.


  • A set of possible scenarios for your industry, including milestones and likely characteristics of each. This is a strategy decision-making tool.
  • Consensus amongst your leadership team around the core decisions and time frames that you will work with in the near and medium term.
  • A strategic intent for your business, inclusive of action plans and desired results for all components of your organisation.

How It Works

The Scenario-to-Strategy process has two phases.

Step One: Scenario Development

To decide the strategic intent for your business, the scenario development approach builds a picture of possible futures for your industry in a participatory workshop. In this step-by-step process, your leadership team will first explore the events that have happened in the past to create the current business climate. Then the team discusses the external factors and forces that will have an impact on your industry in the future. In the next step, the team will take a decision on the factors and forces that are most uncertain and that will have the highest impact on your business. Based on this decision, the facilitator will guide the group in describing the various ways that your industry might evolve over the coming years. By the end of the workshop, the group will arrive at a consensus about several possible scenarios for your business focus.

Step Two: Strategic Intent

After some background work developing your scenarios into full narratives of the future of your industry, your team will reconvene to discuss and decide on a Strategic Intent based on the possible futures that have been agreed. This is usually a lively discussion, informed by past experiences and dreams of futures success. One approach some teams opt for is to go through simulations of strategic options by running them through the different scenarios that have been developed. By the end of the workshop, the leadership team will have a well-developed statement of strategy based on consensus, and with specific milestones in place to measure progress.

Format and Timeline

Note: timelines are in overall time (not working days), and are subject to change based on organisational needs.

Format Timeline
Pre-workshop interviews and assessment: Four weeks
Scenario Development Workshop: Two to Three Days
Detailed Scenario Development: Six weeks
Strategic Intent Workshop: Two to Three Days
Follow-up and Action Planning: Two weeks