• New Leaders delivering results quickly.
  • New Leaders and their teams aligned around trust and understanding.
  • New Leader and team have built a shared vision for the unit.
  • New Leader aware of key opportunities and issues for the unit.
  • New Leader using Global Leadership Principles.

How It Works

The NLTP program is a facilitated workshop for New Leaders who have either newly joined the company or have been promoted to a new leadership role. It has several possible schedules. The schedule a particular client follows depends on (a) whether you need to use a Cross-Cultural Module and (b) if you choose to conduct the program over one or two days.

Though the transition process can take many forms, three components are always present: an analysis of the key stakeholders relevant to the business unit, relaying to the new leader the staff’s perceptions and questions regarding the organisation’s most pressing business challenges and organisational issues – the core of the program, and ‘demystifying’ the leader through a meeting with staff in which he or she answers those questions that the staff normally might not have the opportunity to ask.

The session should ideally be implemented from 5 to 45 days after a new leader fills a position. The sooner the better.