• Participants equipped with negotiations skills that they can use immediately in their work: sales, procurement, leadership, management.

How It Works

The course is relevant to leaders in companies, governments and other agencies where there is a need to manage partner and client relationships in challenging settings with multiple interests. It is also relevant to organisations where leaders are faced with difficult stakeholders, culturally challenging environments and frequent communication issues. Additionally, the course will develop new results-based skills for leaders in Sales, Procurement, and Human Resources.
Applying the principles and techniques of this course will improve your negotiated agreements with these types of customers and stakeholders, amongst others:

  • Clients
  • Partner Organisations
  • Donor Organisations
  • Community Groups
  • Government Agencies
  • Businesses
  • Vendors

Three-Day Course Description

Day One delivers a suite of conflict resolution and conflict management skills to participants. This includes an analysis and exploration of various conflict styles, role plays based on types of conflict behavior, listening and communication skills in high-stress settings, and discussion of the various needs different types of people have in a negotiation context.

Day Two introduces the participants to the concept and practice of interest-based negotiation. Through alternating sessions of presentation and facilitated learning, the trainer walks participants through the process, teaching principles that can be applied to their own individual challenges. Simulated negotiations in pairs and in teams allow participants the opportunity to develop their own negotiating style that they can apply directly to their area of work.

On Day Three participants will engage in advanced negotiation simulations to develop their skills in complex settings. Through this process, participants will gain the skills necessary to build partnerships, form coalitions, and achieve results in negotiations and conflict with a positive attitude.

In the final part of day three, participants will have the opportunity to discuss and strategize their current negotiation challenges, utilizing both peer coaching and coaching by the facilitator.

The training utilizes materials from the Harvard Project on Negotiation.