• Leaders delivering results, and equipped with new perspective and immediately actionable tools for leading global and cross-cultural teams.
  • Leaders aware of their own cultural strengths and biases, and supported in changing behaviours to get results in dynamic global environments.
  • Traditional leadership competencies enhanced with Global Leadership competencies.

How It Works

We coach individual leaders on a one-to-one basis in person and virtually. Our coaches bring global experience and a sincere focus on your unique needs. Our approach is two-fold: focus on your business results, and focus on effective behaviours.

We build on the foundation of traditional leadership skills like communicating a vision and developing a strategy, and then explore our client’s capabilities in creating new ways of seeing teams, new ways of approaching markets, and new ways of building high performing teams in a global context.

Our coaches have delivered executive and leadership coaching across the globe, including in finance, manufacturing, oil and gas, international development, government, and many other areas.

To support the coaching process, we have a variety of leadership assessment tools that we use.

  • GlobeSmart Leadership Assessment
  • GlobeSmart Teaming Assessment
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
  • Belbin Team Assessment
  • Klein Group Instrument