Our Career Resilience Programme is one of our flagship programmes. It builds professionalism, and a long term career development mindset for young professionals in university and in the early stages of their career in employment or entrepreneurship.


The core programme features three core components:

  • Understanding of personal career motivators to enable participants to build careers in which they will build wealth and feel fulfilled in their work.
  • Development of an effective interpersonal support system for resilience in the long term.
  • Alignment of skills and market needs for effective decision making in career choice.


The programme is appropriate for university career development departments, student professional clubs, university departments seeking to develop their students, community groups, and for employers developing the professionalism of their new and recent recruits.

The programme is available in various forms, including a high impact one-day session, a series of in-depth sessions custom designed for our clients, and through individualized coaching for participants.

The programme has been designed by van Horn Consulting CEO, Ross van Horn, based on his experiences globally with professionals at all levels, from executive to entry level staff, and with entrepreneurs.