• Business and organisational activities improved and refined, driving results.
  • Organisational learning.
  • Teams focused on what works, and fixing what doesn’t.

How it works

The AAR is a simple but challenging process designed to be implemented after your organisation has completed a specific business-related project or roll-out in any of its functions, for example in marketing, sales, recruitment, or customer service. It can also be implemented company-wide for larger learning needs. The AAR is often a structured session engaging all of the staff members involved in the project, and is usually designed to answer four questions:

  • What was intended to happen?
  • What actually happened?
  • Why did it happen?
  • What can we do in the future to build on the successes of the project and learn from our mistakes?

Although it has a simple format, the AAR can be challenging to implement because frankness and candor are required for maximum learning, which leads to building a more competitive company. A successful AAR will require stakeholders who made mistakes to be straightforward about what happened, and will require all team members to look into how they are functioning as a group, and how they can support success. This can be difficult in organisations that have hierarchical or functional silos or other blockages to communication, such as a culture of fear and blame. Sometimes partner organisations, like vendors or suppliers, will also need to participate. Our consultants are skilled at tackling and managing these numerous group dynamics to help your company save money and drive revenues by avoiding mistakes and repeating successful activities with intent and purpose.