Our Solutions

Global Leadership

All businesses are global businesses. We are more interconnected now than ever, and as business professionals we lead and interact with global, multi-cultural teams often. Success in a global business environment requires new skills and behaviours.

Van Horn Consulting guides organisations and individuals through a range of tools and interventions that build Global Leadership capacity to drive results.

We bring a diverse group of consultants with global experience to all of our work with clients. Each engagement is tailor-made to suit your unique business challenges.

Organizational Effectiveness and Efficiency

Imagine your organisation becoming more effective and efficient in a participatory way that engages all staff. Van Horn Consulting delivers both high level guidance with executives, and facilitative processes with your staff to drive revenues, cut costs and achieve better profitability.


Strategy is one of the foundations for operational success. We provide innovative, challenging strategy development solutions for all sizes of business and organisation. Our approach is facilitative, engaging and results-focused.

Negotiations and Conflict Resolution

Negotiation is a skill that is learned. There are best practices, techniques and mindsets that can be developed to ensure successful negotiation outcomes. We train staff of all types in negotiations skills: sales, marketing, procurement, Human Resources, International Development professionals, and more.


This two-to-three day high impact workshop is designed to dramatically change the way growth and innovation are addressed in organisations to enhance effectiveness and develop a collaborative mindset. The emphasis is on the unique challenges and opportunities of the organisation, and the business success that they are driven to achieve.

The session follows the fundamental concepts of Appreciative Inquiry. This method has been used internationally in large scale and small scale events and interventions. It is used in nearly every conceivable industry because the principles apply to all types of teams and challenges. Participants in the van Horn Consulting Appreciative Inquiry events on growth and innovation will develop a positive and well-designed approach to innovation in challenging business settings.


We offer customized training solutions for your organisational and business needs. All of our training courses offer practical activities and group interaction to foster immediate skills-building that is relevant to today’s business challenges.


Van Horn Consulting is committed to supporting achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals through providing consulting and training services specifically targeted in these areas. We have worked across various development agencies, and with private sector companies, to build a sustainability mindset and to deliver specific results. This is a broad-ranging area covering numerous sectors. Please see our two Sustainability Flagship services (Environmental Management, and Education for Sustainability) or contact us to tell us about your sustainability needs.