Galeeb Kachra

Galeeb is a Systems thinker. He assists clients in their projects and programs from conceptualization, through strategy, project design, implementation, operations setup and evaluation. He has experience as a Program Manager, Deputy Country Representative and Deputy Chief of Party for several multi-million dollar programs.

Areas of Expertise

  • Organizational Development, Organizational Change, Information Management, Information Technology
  • Governance and Reform, Transportation Management, Airport Planning
  • Disaster Preparedness, Disaster Response
  • Urban Planning, Environmental Impact
  • Counter Violent Extremism
Tenders, Bid Analysis, Awards under US Government procurement ($20m-$1.5b)
  • Project Management, Project Design, Project Operations, Project Startup
  • Bilateral Negotiations
  • After Exit Reviews, After Action Reviews, final evaluations
  • USAID Procedures

Certifications and Other Tools

Gamification for business practices, knowledge management, and social development

Country Experience

Pakistan, India, Syria, Sudan, South Sudan, Kenya, Democratic Republic of Congo, Zimbabwe, United States, Colombia


  • Tufts University: MSE, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Environmental Planning, Urban Planning, MS
  • Univ of Pennsylvania: BSE, Systems Engineering
  • Univ of Pennsylvania: BA, Islamic Studies and Arabic