About Us

At van Horn Consulting we deliver results for our clients through our core values of Global Perspective, Diversity, Excellence, Innovation and Professionalism.

All of our consultants are experienced professionals who have worked around the world with all types of organisations, from Fortune 100 companies to five-person start-ups and everything in between. We bring diverse knowledge of numerous sectors to our work, including the private sector, government, inter-governmental bodies, NGOs and civil society communities. We are in our fields of expertise because we love the work, and bring high energy and sincerity to every engagement.

Your company or organisation benefits from our six solution areas: Organisational Effectiveness, Global Leadership, Strategy, Training, Negotiations, and Sustainability.

We have found through our work that some organisational needs, like good communication and trust, are timeless needs that continue to require attention and guidance. Other needs, like Global Leadership, are new and have evolved over time. We bring a blend of traditional and innovative approaches to our interventions, always focused on outcomes.

We approach your needs as unique opportunities for your company’s growth and success. We tailor-make our engagements so that you achieve the results that you specifically need. Our greatest pride is in proving you with unique solutions that take you forward as an organisation.

Our consulting team is diverse. We are a virtual team based around the world, across Africa, the Middle East, Europe and USA. We have worked on every continent in the world, and are always eager for new experiences. For more about our consulting team click here.

A note about “Consultant Dependency”. We proactively work against a dynamic in which you become overly dependent on our services. During our consulting engagement with you, we strive to build resiliency and self-sufficiency so that when the project comes to a close, your results are achieved and you are ready to move forward on your own.

For more information on van Horn Consulting please browse our web site or contact us at info@vanhornconsulting.net.